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Marble Surface

October 2024

Join us for a glorious week cruising the turquoise coast of Southern Turkey,

swimming, snorkelling & canoeing or just relaxing

between guided sessions in Sculpture, Harmony Singing & Watercolour Painting

while a crew of 3 take care of the boat and our chef delights us with his culinary art.

Abstract Background

A secluded bay for lunch

Chilling on the aft deck


Percussion session

FOR WEBSITE - breakfast pic.jpg

Traditional Turkish Breakfast


Accommodation for 12 guests in

6 Cabins: 

Master Cabins (fore & aft) 

Twin Cabins (port & starboard)

Double Cabins (port & starboard)

                2 Master Cabins

                 2 Twin Cabins

               2 Double Cabins


There'll be a range of activities during the week, all of which will be lead by guests, on a skill-share basis. These include Harmony-Singing - easy to learn (no musical knowledge needed), a daily Watercolour session as well as an ongoing Sculpture-Workshop, this year focusing on bass-relief. Although there's no obligation to participate, past cruises have shown that everyone was delighted to dip their toes in - and most to immerse themselves fully. 

Suggestions for additional group activities are welcomed, this is a collective creativity cruise where everyone's contributions can be enjoyed by all.

One year, for example, involved the collective-writing of a number of stories ~ in the tradition of "Consequences".  

6 scenarios were initiated and then circulated daily, added to in secret, with no-one knowing who'd written, (or what had been written) in previous episodes. The resulting stories, read aloud on the final day, were truly hilarious!

A similar idea is currently being cooked-up for this forthcoming cruise. And all other ideas are welcomed.


This has got to be one of the most enjoyable holidays we've ever had and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to anyone looking for the perfect mix of creativity & relaxation ~ and all on a luxury vessel!

There's time to chill out ~ in heavenly surroundings ~ but there's also sufficient class-time to learn and create. On our cruise it was sculpture that was on offer, mentored by a true artist: incredibly skilled, professional and, what's more: great fun to spend a week with!

I understand that additional activities are now also being offered. What a brilliant idea!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! for one of the most fabulous weeks of my life!  And I really mean that ~ it was life changing.

We hope to come back again soon to repeat it. 

Rachel Vance and Steve McKenzie





Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful holiday! 

The gulet, the crew, the weather, the great company ~ what more could one ask for.   Great too to provide a focus, a common interest for a group of people who’d never met before.  It really was lovely!   


Thank you!



Price will depend on size of boat/number of guests

I am currently looking into a 30 metre Gulet

which will accommodate 12 guests (as well as our crew of 3)

I'm also looking at a 25 metre Gulet, for 10 guests (& crew of 3)

The cost will be between £850 - £1,000 per person, for the whole week

This will include accommodation, in a choice of cabins,

 all food (3 full meals per day, plus teatime snacks & tea),

crew wages, mooring fees, fuel etc

Not included are Bar-Drinks & Gratuities

Precise cost will be published soon

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