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Kate Newlyn - Creativity Cruise organiser


About the Organiser

Looking back, for this brief biography, it feels as though my life has actually been one long creativity cruise through a kaleidoscope of art-forms. Fortunate enough to have experienced this, I'm happy to be able to offer a similar experience (albeit in miniature) through projects such as this. Happy too, to be offering it on a Non-Profit basis.

The youngest of four girls, I was born in Uganda to theatre-loving parents who were (literally - at the time) taking theatre around villages. Weaned on this and thereafter on Shakespeare and Eliot, our love of the arts flourished and on our return to the UK, I attended an unusually creative school, after which I studied Performing Arts in London. Gradually my focus shifted to Mask-Mime and Mask-Making and from here it was a short step into the world of Sculpture where I remained for over 35 years.

I took a job as an assistant in a bronze foundry while developing my own sculpture and then moved to the Greek island of Rhodes for a decade and Turkey for a further year, building a body of work later to be shown in galleries across the UK. To earn sufficient for this, I worked sporadically as a therapeutic masseuse on private luxury yachts in the States and Southern Europe. 

Returning to the UK, I showed and sold my work as well as teaching locally, running Sculpture Holidays in Greece and Creativity Cruises on board Turkish gulets.

Now, in my middle-years, happily settled in Somerset, (and having mercifully been slowed down by a bit by the fatigue that comes with MS), it is song and poetry that are my main creative outlets, along with the annual organisation of Creativity Cruises.

(For those who'd like to see some of the sculptures/poetry I've produced over the years, please navigate from Menu)

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